Unexpected, unprepared, and unaware- “the Big Three” words which people have started identifying in the past two months. These unexpected turn of events have led all of us in a completely alien scenario- how to manage this sudden luxury called “Time”.

The Big three has led to two different types of workers. The first type- who suddenly are working 10-14 hours a day, typing furiously on their machines or getting irritated from the continuous virtual meetings. The second kind- with unlimited time on their hands, tired of binge-watching, online gaming, while watching the news from across the globe on how people are affected by the pandemic. You might identify with one of these types- both types have their problems. If you are one of these two and are looking for a solution to the problems faced- try applying these two rules:

The 5-30-30 Rule: for 5 days, invest 30 minutes in learning something new and 30 minutes in exercise. Learning can be spread over to personal or professional development (no harm in learning how to make garlic bread without yeast!). The idea is basically to do that small something which you might have not done earlier. Pick up a hobby, read a book, meditate-but keep a fixed time for it.

The 4 C Rule: Care, Collaborate, Curious & Creative. Do video calls, call up that old friend you have been meaning to talk to, or the most simple one- sit with your loved ones and have a directed discussion on a topic (my personal favorite- hear stories and life experiences from people). Everyone always has that one funny story, that one sad story or that one life-changing experience that can give you food for thought! New avenues of enjoying, thinking, and even careers can open up once you get into this habit of the 4C rule.

Although easier said than done- try doing these activities as much as you can. Gradually, you will start seeing value- or maybe if you don't, define your own rule, but do stick to it. Build your rules-with practice, you will no longer identify yourself with the type 1 or type 2 scenarios soon!

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