Welcome to my website created with sheer love and passion!

The reason I am reaching out to you through this letter is so that I can introduce you to my endeavor and connect with each of my YOU, my readers. This content is premised on the connection which makes it essential for us to have a personal bond, one forged out of a unique rapport. As minuscule a part of this Universe, as we are, each one of us has a beautiful journey that provides us with something to express to this beautiful and dynamic world. We want to put across our thoughts and share them globally despite various obstacles of sources and resources. The endeavor of my website is no different.
As a social animal, we look for a platform to talk, discuss, and enlighten others with the reservoir of our knowledge while also seeking to augment our understandings with that of others. Exchange of knowledge ought to be a vital component of our everyday existence. Considering that we all have subjective experiences and interpretations with a myriad of skills, we are all well equipped with a variety of information and content. With this in mind, I decided to use this website as a podium to share my inner views with you all.
It is only the exchange of information, and healthy discussion that connects us and gainfully enriches us with meaningful and diverse knowledge. Each of us has different tastes and areas of interest. Like, you will know me more through my articles written in different fields concerning various subjects. Certainly, I am an advocate by profession but I intend to dedicate this website to write about what I feel about life’s other aspects and dimensions as well.
It may so happen that I may not ever get a chance to meet the majority of you in this lifetime. But this limitation should not keep me away from expressing myself and engaging in a nuanced dialogue with you all. What is the use of this great invention called the internet if I cannot put forth my deepest thoughts and tell the world about my feelings and opinions?
Surfing this website, you will know me as an advocate as I am passionate about wearing a black coat and robe with a white band around my neck, the human side of a lawyer, and being a participant in the justice delivery system of my nation. You will read my thoughts on life and the lessons that I have learned so far which might offer a solution to you if you ever find yourself in a similar problem. With you all, though for a few minutes, I will have a chance to revisit and explore a place that I traveled in the past. The food that sees no boundaries when we are hungry yet bears cultural heritage and importance, I will get a chance to savour delicacies with you all along with their background and factual matrix.
I intend to make this website an open and distinct platform, one without branding it subject-specific. I want you to enjoy some light yet informative reading full of human experiments and experiences. With the knowledge flooding at our one click, I want my content to appeal and touch the human and simple side of all of us. The Guest Column will offer you a diverse variety and will fetch you more informative articles in the areas that might be outside of my expertise.
So, hold my hands, and let’s be a part of this beautiful journey together that shall make our stay in this world, a delightful one by constantly trying to know each other more and more with each passing day and moment.

Happy reading…

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