When in doubt, ask!" is perhaps the most heard of adage while growing up. Circa 2020, the adage's essence has remained same, while the who part has been replaced by "Search engines" or maybe the "cellphone" or basically, the "technology".

Yup, you must be getting the general idea- people today are

Very recently i.e. on August 31, 2020 the apex court of India has passed an order in one of the old ongoing case of M.C. Mehta (a renowned environmentalist) lingering since 1985. The Hon’ble three judge bench headed by Justice Arun Mishra, who got retired on Sep 2, has directed the eviction of more

Dubai, UAE. I had boarded the bus to Rashidiya Metro Station and then to my sister's place. Now let me describe the Dubai RTA (road & transport authority) buses. The buses, red in color have lesser space than our local Indian buses, with an automated card system and sophisticated looking seats

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