The last rays of the sun were shimmering on the lake- the twinkling of the water creating a grand display of nature’s magic. In any other place, this time of the day is accompanied by the chirping of birds, returning home after a hectic day. However, the forest was astonishingly silent- as if

The world is aware of the great Indian epics-Ramayana and Mahabhrata. The stories have umpteen examples on how to go about living life, Dharma (loosely law and order), Tyag (sacrifice) and above all, Karma (actions). I happened to stumble around a slightly lesser known story from the same era- the

When in doubt, ask!" is perhaps the most heard of adage while growing up. Circa 2020, the adage's essence has remained same, while the who part has been replaced by "Search engines" or maybe the "cellphone" or basically, the "technology".

Yup, you must be getting the general idea- people today are

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