Edited by: Sharanya Vairam

Ever since I decided to “leave” preparing for judicial services examination, my loved ones kept telling me not to “quit”; to rather keep trying harder. They believed in me and my dream and kept motivating me with their kind words, telling me that I will surely fill the post of a judicial officer

Edited by: Anshita Agarwal

Have you ever thought about the difference between “to give” and “to sacrifice”?

When this difference came to my knowledge, I was honestly blown away by this fact. I sat wondering for the next few minutes and in my head, I rewound my whole life, just to know whether all these years I had actually

Edited by: Sharanya Vairam

On 4th September 2017, I entered the world of practice and advocacy. Litigation was never my career choice as I always wanted to become a judge. But I guess, life had other plans. So, I decided to move forward, dream new things and make new plans.Joining litigation came with a bag of surprises and

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