Lucknow: “She married into a hospital!” he summarized with an ironic voice. The conversation then moved to our usual discussion on dashboards, numbers, and other topics on the meeting agenda.

It was one of our online office meetings, with colleagues now connecting from different locations- the new

Somewhere in the clouds, en-route Mumbai to Lucknow: I was staring at that guy- snugly sitting without his face shield on, while the lady next to him was eyeing him nervously. A similar scenario was playing out four rows ahead of us; a middle-aged lady was comfortably sleeping in the middle chair

Scenario 1: Mobile phone in one hand, a random movie playing in the background, the other hand busy breaking the chapatti into pieces.

Scenario 2: Virtual meeting going on, a different (and completely unrelated) Excel or PPT open, with you doing the occasional “hmmm”, or the more professional “yes

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