One of the best characters ever in a sitcom (I dare the world to contradict me), is Chandler Bing, from FRIENDS. 

FRIENDS was a very successful show in the 1990s and has managed to stay relevant even today, with fans like me who can lip sync dialogues from all episodes. Chandler M. Bing (all

Go back a few years and recall the famous Dr. J.Asthana’ s laughter therapy to control anger (for the uninitiated, Dr. Asthana was a character in the movie Munnabhai MBBS). A simple Google search returns top 25 ways of controlling anger- talking a walk, count down, stop talking being the top used

Democracy to me seems to be a flawed institution that has no real-world advantages over any other form of government. Democracy is a sufficient yet crude implementation of a utopian vision that can never become a reality. May it be matters of corruption, progress or liberty. Democracy does not have

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