When in doubt, ask!" is perhaps the most heard of adage while growing up. Circa 2020, the adage's essence has remained same, while the who part has been replaced by "Search engines" or maybe the "cellphone" or basically, the "technology".

Yup, you must be getting the general idea- people today are becoming just too dependent on technology. Want to go somewhere- GPS. Want to know something: search engines. I believe most of you just loose it when the internet connection is down. Or maybe when you are outside, you call a friend of yours, to ask where that ATM/ Shop is. Take a poll and tell me, how many of you just keep on looking at your cellphones, just so to check if someone has sent a "ping" on Whatsapp!

I still fondly remember asking the local "paan-wala" for directions and those humorous replies: "left lena, phir seedhe haath pe 5 minute mien aa jaega". Or looking frantically for a piece of paper to scribble down someone's phone number. And the best one: shouting on the top of your voice to call your friends down for cricket! Those were actually funny right?

So I ask you- why this dependence? It is obviously not wrong to use technology. In fact, it highly advisable and efficient to use them. However, depending too much on it can just lead to a Terminator Series like calamity for all of us. For at least an hour in a day, throw that damn cell phone away. Shut that GPS down when going to an unfamiliar place- trust your common sense and gut feeling.

Don't miss out on an opportunity to test your own patience, perseverance, street smartness and above all- showing that you are still an independent person!!!

The author's views are personal only.

This article was originally published here: https://salilsrivastava.blogspot.com/2013/10/the-dependents.html?m=1

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